Sensuous Dance Workout

This is what you get in the Sensuous Dance Workout program

					 Implemet the Sesnuous Dance Workout and the pelvic floor exercises into your everyday life video


Learn about the transformational power and effects of the Sensuous Dance Workout. Get to know how it works and how to implement it easily into your personal life.

				Learn the Pelvoc Floor Integration technique, mibilize your pelvis and your spine -
				prepare for the Dance Workout video

Pelvic Basics

The Pelvic Floor Integration™ exercises loosen up your hips and your spine for dancing. Learn how to work your pelvic floor the sensuous way and how to integrate it into your natural movemet. (37 min)

					Learn the sexy moves of the dance workout step by step, get your body flexible video

Dance Basics

In this basic class you learn all the movements needed for the dance workout. Work your body from head to toe and get to know it from the inside out. (33 min)

					 Sensuous Dance Workout video

Dance Workout

Dance with your body, mind and soul. Discover a whole new way of being yourself. (20 min)

					 Sensuous Dance Workout - free your body mind and soul video

Dance Workout (free)

Let your soul dance and discover the secrets of your innate feminine power. (20 min)

					 Quick & sexy everyday Dance Workout video - keeps your belvis and spine flexible and strong

Instant Workout

A short and sweet workout in a sitting position - you can do it anytime to reconnect to your body and reenergize. (5 min)

					 Wake up sexy morning workout in bed video - get strong and flexible morning routine

Bed Workout

The sensuous art of waking up. The Bed Workout fills you with a luxurious feminine feeling - the perfect way to start an amazing day. (3 min)

					 Sensuous Tips for everyday, like the Dance Workout - easy tro implemet and enjoy video

Sensuous Tips

I tell you how to unfold your sensuousness in your everyday life. My tips and exercises are easy to implement, fun and very effective.

					 Get your pelvic floor home study course bonus material as pdf to print out at home

Bonus Material 1

Informational material with clear anatomical sketches to support the exercises and provide you with an even better understanding of your female body.

					 Get your Dance Workout and exercises as mp3 to practice anywhere

Bonus Material 2

You get all the Sensuous Dance Workout trainings as a podcast and one bonus audio workshop. Equipped like that you can do your Sensuous Dance Workout anywhere, on the road at home or in bed. (143 min)

					 Online community for women to ask questions about the Dance Workout or the exercises 
					 and to connect with Coco Berlin and other women

Sensuous Dance Community

In our private Facebook community you'll get all your questions answered and can connect with amazing women from all over the world.

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