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I discovered Coco and the Sensuous Dance Workout on TV and was immediately blown away. After doing the DVD at home I instantly noticed positive changes. I feel my own body so intensely, I am much happier and more feminine. The personal contact with Coco in our group and the fact that she really takes time for each question and answers them herself makes this program something very special. I can't imagine a life without Coco and the Sensuous Dance Workout and am so grateful for each new experience that I can have with it!
Sophie Schaube, Student and Author
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Yes, the DVD is pricy, but I've never done a workout where I had such close contact with the trainer. We have a Facebook group with great women and a wonderful exchange. I have access to additional material and most importantly, I have great fun at the workouts. Today I have a mobility I never dreamed of before. I have a flat stomach, a stronger pelvic floor and the pain in my back is gone. If you would like to give yourself a great gift, go and get yourself a piece of Coco. Thanks to Coco I found my body and I found myself.
Claudia Schmidt, Blogger and YouTuber —
Fitness Dance Workout works your body from head to toe
It's one of my favorite workouts ever. It's different than any other workout you know.
Ailyn Anghelescu, Blogger and YouTuber —
Pelvic Floor exercises after birth better than kegels
Coco's Sensuous Workout is amazing for women of all ages. It is an excellent preparation for a great birth because it softens and strengthens your pelvis and it's great after birth to feel your pelvic floor again and to bring back your sensuality.
Kiria Silke Vandekamp, Midwive und Sensual Birth Coach —
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Do you ever wonder just how some women seem to have this presence, this incredible radiant glow whenever they walk into a room? You know, the type of woman that just has this specific something about her that makes everyone want to be around her? Are you longing to feel connected to yourself, your body and the world? Do you long for feeling alive and totally in touch with your own (feminine) goddess that you SO are? Then look no further! There is no better person to help us achieve this than the beautiful and radiant Coco Berlin. This lady knows her stuff so don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from her! Experience the magic unfold in your life once you connect with your own body and the powerful, radiant woman that you are.
Mounia Berrada-Gouzi, Visionary Coach —
Pelvic floor exercises for women
Coco’s method is wonderful for any woman who longs to unleash her feminine power and to bring more pleasure into her life. Not only will your body get stronger and more flexible through the exercises, you will also reconnect with your inner core essence, your sensuality, your creativity and inner knowing. It’s the place inside yourself where you dance your own dance from the inside and out, where you allow yourself to just “be” instead of always having to “do“ - which we are so used to in daily life. The more we listen to - and honor this place within ourselves and make our choices in terms of what feels good, the more joyful and fulfilling our lives become. I highly recommend learning everything you can from Coco. Her teachings bring back your own juiciness and the hidden parts of your feminine nature, which we women have forgotten through many years of living in a predominantly masculinized culture. It is a beautiful gift you give yourself.
Agnete Ludovika, Transformational Coach and Licensed Soul Therapist —
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Coco's workout was my salvation! I sit a lot in front of the computer and need some movement in between, otherwise I get terrible back pain. I am so grateful to do Coco's workout at home in bed, while sitting or in my living room. It fits perfectly into my busy workday and gives me new energy when I get tired. Thanks to Coco I feel relaxed and powerful, sexy and feminine.
Hannah Mang, Copywriter and Communication Coach
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Coco has rekindled the sensual woman inside of me. She not only helped me release the blocks I had in me to let my light shine but she also inspired me to be more present and savor every moment. Her tips are so inspiring for waking up that sensuous mind and are a reminder of the importance of being. Open your mind to this sensual and beautiful being but most importantly enjoy the discovery of the one that lives inside of you.
Anna Zalazar, Adventurer —
Dance Workout DVDs for women
This DVD is a gift to us women. I've owned this DVD for one month now and not a day passes when I don't feel like dancing with Coco or just doing the pelvic floor program. This is rare, normally I had to push myself to work out. The dancing doesn't feel like a workout at all, it is so free and you learn to feel your body while in a playful way every muscle gets loosened up and trained. I get to know myself better and better with every workout. Particularly the personal tips from Coco and the pelvic floor discovery are very special. Through this program women develop a whole new body awareness and feeling and thus an unapologetic and shameless self-love.
Anke Braun, Assistant Executive Officer
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I feel more cheerful, spontaneous and free. My relationships are more fluid and I got rid of many complexes. My body has been toned, it looks and feels much more feminine and attractive. I feel much healthier, my body is in greater harmony, it works better and I feel more alive. I love Coco's method because I have learned to express my feelings and their intimate experience through an excellent technique. She also has a very playful way of teaching. I recommend the class to every woman who is on a quest inside. You expand your consciousness using your body-wisdom and you strengthen specific muscles that support a wonderful flow of energy.
Angelica Gaytan Carmona, Psychologist
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With the Sensuous Dance Workout you become aware of parts of your body that you didn't even know existed. Parts that define your sensuality and your deepest feminine side. When you awaken these zones, using Coco's unique approach to pelvic work you feel alive and vibrant, sensuous and divine. A revolutionary method that I will definitely recommend to all my clients.
Rakel Sosa, Pranayama and Yoga teacher
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Coco's method is just wonderful! Afterwards you feel more feminine, flexible and self-confident. She describes everything exactly, no movement remains superficial. My posture has changed, my sway back is almost gone and also the back pain.
Jacqueline Su, Designer
Yoga and Dance Workout DVDs for women
I found the workouts with a focus on the pelvic floor and hip very relaxing and liberating, but the Workout will also strengthen your midsection - in Yoga often described as "core" which we use for many asanas. But above all, in Coco's workout you don't feel as if you do a workout, the whole approach is more playful and of course, dancing. Many exercises remind me of Yoga and I loved particularly Coco's spiritual inspiration to discover your femininity in your daily life. Love yourself, love your body!
Christina Waschkies, Founder Happy Mind Magazine
Yoga and Dance Workout DVDs for better body awareness
The introductory part was particularly rewarding for me: Exercises for the pelvic floor. I really felt that I was contracting my pelvic floor and actually was able to locate it. Quite often I am lying on the yoga mat and helplessly just contracting my buttocks since I am simply unable to control this "pelvic floor" or don't even know where it is in the first place. The Sensuous Dance Workout is also great to loosen up your whole skeleton (especially the spine) and get rid of blockades we get from all the sitting. After it you feel completely restructured.
Patricia Staffa, Founder of Yogatonic
Dance Workout program shapes your body
I am always looking for new ways to improve my body awareness and I am constantly amazed about what else there is to discover! Coco's method is fantastic for young, active people, it is a good way to work on something preventive without a boring "health course". It's great that you exist!
Yasmin Müller-Salam, Product Manager Fashion
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I feel incredibly harmonious and balanced. And I believe it's an amazing practice for all women! I struggle with emotional imbalances; Coco's exercises help me to relax and unwind.
Annika Koch, Student of Law
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It's pretty sexy, really fun and relaxes the entire body. The Sensuous Dance Workout healed my office-chair back. It contains amazing exercises for the abs and the pelvic floor, which is also so important for good posture! And if you do this workout regularly it really tightens your body.
Anne Ziegler, Founder Wilde Hild Mag
Dance Workout DVDs for body awareness
Coco's method has woken up something new deep inside of me. I feel my body more than ever and I love this new body awareness, it makes my dance life even more complete.
Olga Sánchez Ruiz, Professional Dancer and Teacher
Dance Workout DVD reduces back pain
After years of health-related problems and resulting physical damage I was looking for a workout that would prevent my joints from further damage and improve my body awareness. After trying various forms of exercise in the gym, swimming, etc, this is the first workout that challenges my body in a gentle way without straining it or causing further damage. After the workout I can rush directly back into my stressful everyday life without ending up on the couch lamenting about a day in pain. My posture has improved enormously, as well as the way I walk and my condition. Even my weakest parts, my feet, improve with the small but effective exercises. I love the personal support, you can ask Coco all your questions in the Facebook group and she answers as soon as possible.
Marajka Parplies, Student
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Coco's Sensuous Dance Workout is unique in its structure and effect! I own plenty of workout and relaxation DVDs and I was always looking for training that really relaxes me. A training that makes me feel at home in my body and pampers my body and my soul. But my expectations were even exceeded: Coco leads me through the program in a loving and humorous way. She lets me discover a completely new kind of pelvic floor exercise and guides me in the dance workout with sensuous Bellydance movements to a new and natural perception of my body. After that I feel relaxed and cozy in my body and my mood is excellent! But above all else I noticed that I develop a better body awareness over time. That's fantastic!
Marie May-Mie, Assistant Executive Officer
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Coco's workout is my cure for body and soul: soft, supple movements mixed with imaginative explanations leave me with a comforting, centered body awareness. Whether I have the time for a long workout, or just for dancing a short section. The dancing trains my coordination, gets my circulation going and works through all my muscles. But not only my body feels relaxed and satisfied after dancing, also my mind is somehow exempt and strengthened. Therein lies for me the sensuality of this workout. In everyday life I forget too often, to listen to myself and to feel what feels good and what stresses me subliminally. Coco helps me to re-center myself. I am much more focused on myself, but at the same time more open to outside impressions, just much more present and awake. The more I dance with Coco, the more this sensation grows and radiates into my everyday life. The mix of dance, feeling, and training is perfect to do the workout regularly without having to discipline myself.
Lena Drummer, Student
Sensuous Dance Workout and Pelvic Floor program
I have become more patient with myself. I have stopped fighting and pushing myself down. I have started listening to my body and believe that my weakness will disappear with hard work, that everything will come in proper time. Coco's method is first patient - then perfection, in movements as well as paying attention to details. Afterwards, you are 100% convinced that you can achieve everything you want; from the perfect movement to the elimination of psychical barriers in your mind. Her teachings are universal enough to be used not only in dancing but also in private, everyday life.
Magdalena Strusinska, Engineer
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What can I say: I felt amazing! The exercises are also doable for the untrained with an abysmal condition, they're smooth and they don't make you feel like the last loser. That motivates you to continue. The effect after two workouts was sensational: for the first time I felt something like abs, I felt strong, flexible and yes - sensuous. After one week, I feel that my hips are agile, my belly is firmer and my entire body image has improved.
Ines Cordes, Founder XXL Mode-Tipps

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