Sensuous Dance Workout

What you can expect from your workout

The Sensuous Dance Workout™ is your program to get strong and flexible from head to toe. Discover the sensuous & fun way to move and unleash your female power. Dance your soul and enjoy every inch of your body.

Awaken the power of your pelvic floor and learn to use it naturally. The Sensuous Dance Workout™ frees your body, mind and soul and leads you to your inner wisdom, creativity and power.

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The Development of this workout

I've been dancing for as long as I can remember. I have travelled the world to entertain clients such as Hilton, L'Oréal and BMW with my unique belly dance shows – as well as the general public with apperances on German national TV. To become the best dancer I could be, I have tried every method that has crossed my path. In addition to my extensive dance studies in Europe and the Middle East, I have acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge, from recent scientific research and classic medicine to psychology and the wildest spiritual concepts.

On this path I have discovered that everything that frees and strengthens my body also frees and strengthens my psyche and my soul. At the same time I noticed that my performances were best when I felt emotionally free and alive.

The body is said to be the mirror of the soul. The better we understand it, the better we understand our entire being. The more freedom we have in our movement, the more freedom we have as human beings. And freedom on all levels is essential for a fulfilled life.

Everything I teach has worked miracles on myself as well as on the women I've worked with since 2006.

Pelvic Floor Integration ™

The pelvis is the center of our body and our femininity. If the pelvis is tense, it has a direct effect on our whole posture - we feel stiff and powerless.

A trained and integrated pelvic floor is the foundation for ease and flexibility of our movements, for an effortless upright posture, for a fulfilled sexuality and for a happy life. That's why my Pelvic Floor Integration ™ method is the foundation of the Sensuous Dance Workout ™.

Unfortunately most pelvic floor training is not functional and often times based on old concepts like Kegels. Pelvic Floor Integration™ focuses on bringing the various muscles inside the pelvis into your awareness. From this heightened perception you learn to engage and relax each layer separately. It's an intuitive and sensual method that makes your pelvic floor strong, agile and able to relax.

The exercises are pure pleasure - integrating the pelvic floor into your natural flow of movement so that it can support you in all life circumstances.

Sensuous Dance Workout and Pelvic Floor Exercises

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